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Mammouth Cave NP – Wild Cave Tour — August 18, 2018
Bourbon Distillery – Four Roses — July 9, 2018
Las Vegas – Death Valley – Zion — June 30, 2018
Maneki-neko — May 31, 2018




These pictures were captured when I visited Lucky Cat Museum in late April. It was located at Essex Studios in Cincinnati, Ohio. The museum is opened from 3pm to 6pm, and it has several art walks throughout the year. The owner of this museum is Micha Robertson. She has spent almost 13 years for collecting 1,000+ lucky cats from various sources. I’m glad that she guided me through the collections and told me tons of stories about the lucky cats. She was a very nice lady and I had a great experience.

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Bourbon Distillery – Woodford — April 29, 2018

Bourbon Distillery – Woodford



Today we visited one of the oldest bourbon distillery in Kentucky – Woodford Reserve Distillery. It is located at Versailles City and 50 miles southwest from Louisville.

Bourbon is a type of American Whiskey. It’s a distilled spirit made at a minimum of 51 percent corn and aged in oak barrels. It’s acknowledged to be a symbol of south America and strongly associated to Kentucky. Although the origin of Bourbon is not well documented, the distilling industry was brought by Scots to Kentucky since 18th century.[1]

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2017 Christmas Trip (US 1 Highway + Yosemite NP) — February 1, 2018