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Glacier National Park — August 5, 2019

Glacier National Park


Duration: 07/20/2019-07/25/2019

Outline: Logan Pass – East Glacier – Many Glacier (Grinnell Glacier) – West Glacier – Fishing

Keyword: Road trip; Grinnell Glacier; Logan Pass; Wildflowers; Fishing

Glacier National Park, which is also called the “Crown of the Continent”, is located at northwest area in Montana. It’s on the US-Canada border and is a sister park to Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada. The visitation to Glacier NP has increased dramatically during the past 3 years, compared to the first time when it hit 1 million visitation in July 2017.[1] It’s probably because scientists have estimated all glaciers may disappear by 2030.[2]

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